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Our All in One license: LispTick

Standalone service on your own server(s)

  • Secure : no need for outside connection
  • Limited transfers : as close to your data as possible
  • Powerfull : use all cores, streaming to take care of memory usage


Dedicated server (OVH, Amazon…)

  • Simple : we make the set up & the maintenance
  • Worldwide : accessible from anywhere

Our deep knowledge in Tick Data allows LispTick to be connected to lots of tick sources.This is particularly true for Thomson Reuters Tick History with more than 10 years experience with their tick data.

LispTick will maximize your server(s) usage, it is developed on a 16 cores server to ensure parallelization maximization. But it’s tested, among others, on a RPi 3 to check frugality. So the more you have the best it’s used.
If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to come and show you all LispTick functionalities.

LispTick is already installed at MICS Centrale/Supelec Research Laboratory to handle and study all their tick data.

But LispTick is also very useful for simple request as it is fast and easy to read. You can very easily ask for mid price, time bars, TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price), VWAP (Volume Waiting Average Price)…
And we have already written with few lines lots of algorithms:

  • Tick-Test
  • Lee Ready
  • Hayashi-Yoshida

LispTick Moto: Maximize your high frequency data usage

Market & Clients

Solution already used by several clients and partners

Trading & Research

  • Powerfull Backetesting
  • Indices computation : Eurostoxx 600

Trading / Centrale / Supelec research team


  • Same algorithm for backtesting and fixing
  • Bad trades filtering

Structuration team index publication


  • Generic algorithms
  • Alert reducting
  • False positive explanation
  • GDPR compliance

Consulting compliance KYC / GDPR / MiFID II


  • Market data analysis
  • Personal alerts




  • Tick Data architecture
  • Connecting LispTick to your sources
  • Calling LispTick from your tools


  • High Frequency data, what it is, orders, limits, exchanges peculiarities…
  • LispTick, how it works, functionalities, simple algos, powerful uses


After more than 10 years working in a derivative research team, in a top player investment bank. Responsible for tick data sharing, our founder identified the lack of simplicity, genericness and efficiency. Lots of data was poorly used due to inappropriate tools and inherent complexity.

Origins & Goals

Concretely: our feedback

Data Treatment 10 to 100 times faster

Reduce Compliance false positive

Energy saving divided by 100

GDPR, MiFID II and cybersecurity compliance

They trust us